Why Sedation Dentistry

The best sedation dentistry helps nerves.
Dental anxiety can make it difficult to make dental appointments.

Sedation dentistry involves administering an oral sedative or nitrous oxide to a patient before his or her dental visit. This can help patients who suffer from anxiety be able to get through their appointments painlessly. The best sedation dentistry can help even the most anxious patients get their needed dental care.

Great for Anxious Patients

One of the main reasons that patients choose sedation is because of fear and anxiety. Around 30 to 40 million Americans avoid going to the dentist every year because they fear the dentist. This can result in poorer oral and overall health. Sedation can help anxious patients make it to the dentist and make it through their appointments with ease.

Helps the Visit Pass Quickly

The best sedation dentistry helps anxious patients.
Dental anxiety affects around 30 to 40 million people in the US.

Many people with dental anxiety feel like their appointments last forever. Even cleanings can be a source of fear. However, with the best sedation dentistry options, many people may not even remember their visit. Sedation can help you feel calm and relaxed throughout your entire visit, making the visit pass with ease. As long as you feel relaxed, the visit will be over before you know it.

Makes Difficult Procedures Easier

Dental visits sometimes include more than a basic cleaning. The thought of extractions and fillings can cause some people serious anxiety. The best sedation dentistry can help anxious patients get through this difficult but necessarily procedures painlessly. With many patients fearing these procedures, they might not be able to get their needed dental care without these procedures. Sedation dentistry makes it possible for anxious patients to get the care that they need.

Appropriate for Patients of Many Ages

People of all ages can experience dental anxiety, but it can be especially difficult for younger patients. In cases where a child experiences severe anxiety at the dentist’s office, it might be appropriate to administer a sedative. However, this must be done only after careful consideration by the dentist and the parents. The American Dental Association supports mild sedation for patients under the age of 12.

The best sedation dentistry can help even the most anxious patients. If you think that sedation dentistry might be the right option for you, schedule your anxiety-free appointment today!